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At Country Cabins, we strive to maintain high-end building standards on all of our models, styles, and options. When you purchase a structure from Country Cabins you are getting the best quality storage buildings at an affordable price. Buying with us allows you to rest assured that you're purchasing a storage building that's been built to the highest standards by experienced craftsmen.

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End Wall Floor Framing

 We frame our floors with two vertical & one horizontal joist lagged to 4 x 6 for extremestrength & durability.

4 x 6 Notched Floor System

We use sturdy 4 x 6 runners with 2 x 4 joists notched 1” in for solid nailing and overall rigidity.

Floor Joists 12" on Center

Our floor joists are spaced one every foot - 25% closer than the standard 16", which allows the shed to support heavy loads.

shed siding and trim

LP Barn Siding

LP Barn Siding is where beauty and durability meet. It is treated to resist termites and decay and has a cedar grain texture. 

metal threshold guard

Diamond-Plate Threshold Guard

To prevent wear and tear on any entry point.

metal threshold guard

6' Wide Double Doors

Extra wide double doors are our standard. Fits large lawn equipment with no problem.

storage barn loft

Framed Like a House

We use double top plates on walls and door frames, just like a house!

rFoil Insulation & Vapor Barrier

Walls are insulated with a Wind and Vapor Barrier and R10 insulation to keep the structure cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

LP Soffit Overhang

Large 4" overhangs protect walls from rain. No-Rot LP soffit board also improves appearance.

Mini Barn w/ Metal Roof

40 Year Metal Roof

Our metal roofs are incredibly durable and come with a 40 year warranty.

compass big sky

Paints & Stains

We use Haley 100% acrylic paint with 12 year warranty or Perma-Chink Ultra-7 stains to provide long-lasting good looks.

Insulated Vapor Barrier

All Dutchlap and Deluxe models include insulation on walls. This forms a wind and vapor barrier which reduces condensation, mold growth, reduces heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Installed insulation has a R value of 10. 

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